August 15th, 2010

Ariel Union

Lazy Sunday

Comic Con 09: Venture Fan
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I went to the Cowtown Comix Fest yesterday, so now I have lots of locally-produced comics to read!  Some of the artists recognized me from ComicFest.  I'm always surprised when someone remembers me like that because I don't consider myself as being very memorable in appearance.  But with my beard, I guess I am...

While I was looking thru the blog archives to find my last Archie Brands post, I found this old post about Miss Colfax.  It made me wonder if a Miss Colefax is still being named every month... Yes, it is still going on!

And finally, here's some obscure mermaid cosplay, based on the one time artist Akemi Takada drew Madoka Ayukawa (from Kimagure Orange Road) as a mermaid. Not that she is a mermaid in the story or anything, he just did this one painting. I love that there is cosplay for that one fleeting appearance!