December 8th, 2009

Ariel Union

17 days 'til Christmas!

Hey, here's a review of a new Christmas comic from this year!  I plan on doing a several of these this month...

Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #35 (January 2010)

There's only one Christmas story in this digest, and it's the new story in the front of the issue.  Santa's sick, so Jughead gets to take his place delivering presents (but to Riverdale only).  It's a by-the-numbers story that doesn't take full advantage of the Jughead-as-Santa concept.  Even though it is only 10 pages long, it seems oddly rushed.

As for the other stories, the new story in the back of the issue introduces celeberty cook Ethel Elray -- guess who she's supposed to be?  The reprints include a weird That Wilkin Boy story that imitates a romance comic... and ends up making Samantha look stupid (the way most romance comic protagonists end up).

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