November 1st, 2009

Ariel Union

Halloween Past

So, Halloween was fun yesterday.  Just low key, we gave out candy and comics to trick or treaters (44 of 'em) and watched horror movies and reorganized all our Halloween stuff so it makes sense in storage (all the costume stuff is together now in one tub, and all the decorations, etc...).

The movies weren't really very horror-ific.  We started with Return of the Killer Tomatoes!, which I hadn't seen since it was on USA Up All Night years ago.  It still has some funny moments, and Karen Mistal as the tomato-woman Tara is very cute.  Then we watched Swamp Thing, which isn't good at all.  We finished with The Sore Losers, a trippy low-budget movie from Memphis about a juvenile delinquent from outer space and the "family" of killers he gathers him to help attain his goal of killing exactly 12 people (mostly hippies).  It's always interesting to look at, but it gets way too complicated for its own good and by by the end it isn't making any sense at all.  Still, I recommend it, because it is fun to watch, and there are lots of boobies.

To close, here's some photos of actresses from the movies:

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
Karen Mistal
Karen Mistal

The Sore Losers
Kerine Elkins
Kerine Elkins
D'lana Tunnel
Dlana Tunnel

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