July 29th, 2009

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday

I haven't done this recently.  Why not?  i don't know...

The Last Days of Animal Man #3 (of 6)
This miniseries is surprisingly good.  It's not Grant Morrison's Animal Man (I don't think we will be seeing the yellow aliens here), and I'd bet money that it's adapted from an unsold screenplay (based on the way it is plotted), but Gerry Conway is a much better dialogue writer then he was in the 1970's -- his many years working in TV must have helped.  The whole thing is smooth and slick -- and also obvious and a little predictable.

Fallen Angel Reborn #1
Peter David relaunches Fallen Angel with an interesting take -- the first arc guest-stars TV character Illyria (from Angel), and this first issue reads like an Illyria story guest staring Lee (the Fallen Angel).  It's told wholey from Illyria's point of view, and the Lee doesn't show up until the very end.  The effect is interesting  -- it reintroduces Lee as a mysterious character, unknown to the reader (even though she really isn't).  A good trick!

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