June 30th, 2009

Ariel Union

Not a bomb, but not a resounding success either...

Breaking news... The Little Mermaid closes on Broadway August 30, so go see it soon -- I'm glad I did!

And here's some links to show that Disney was still promoting the show up until the end, even if most of the promo did center around Drew Seeley as Eric... I'm posting them mainly because they have some nice pictures in them...

Drew Seeley Joins Disney's 'THE LITTLE MERMAID' June 9th

Chelsea Morgan Stock and Drew Seeley Take Their Bows in Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID

THE LITTLE MERMAID's New Ariel and Prince Eric, Chelsea Morgan Stock And Drew Seeley!

Drew Seeley "Her Voice" Free Download (I haven't listened to this yet...)

Tomorrow's wallpaper (A day too late for a June calendar)