June 13th, 2009

Ariel Union

Quick garage sale post...

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We are as ready for the garage sale as we can be.  So now to get some sleep, because tomorrow will be a early day.

Here's a few Craigslist ads for the sale (it's a large, multi-family sale for everyone in our townhouse complex):
Garage (Carport) Sale June 13 9am - 3pm (Lakewood - Green Mtn)
Bargains-butler, 1932 phone, bicycle, barbecue, household goods (12582 W Virginia Ave, Lakewood)
June 12th & 13th Community Sale! (lakewood/green mountain)

Please drop on by!

Recent events I added to Upcoming.org:
Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour

Ariel Union

So much for that...

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The garage sale today was a big bust.  Very few customers, even though we were set up plenty early and the weather was beautiful.  Some blame must go to the townhouse complex management, who promised to advertise, but did not (at least, not on Craigslist or in the Denver Post, the two obvious places to advertise).

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