July 21st, 2008

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday

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We just came back from Wyoming (and Frontier Days) this weekend, and we go to a family reunion in Ohio next week, and New York City a few weeks after that, so this summer's going to be pretty spotty for daily blogging. Just to let you know...

Oh, and I almost had jury duty tomorrow, but it turns out they don't need me. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride...

So, what new comics did I get? Just a couple:

Bomb Queen vol. 5 #3
Joker's Asylum: Poison Ivy #1

And I got anther cheap back issue:
The Best of Tribune Co. #2 (October 1985) -- Hey, it's Dick Tracy! In these two stories, he's facing off against video pirate Splitscreen (and anti-TV-violence crusader Auntie Freedom) and toxic-waste dumpers Dye & Oxen Cixot (and B.O. Plenty's con-man brother Goodin Plenty). That's worth 50¢!