July 13th, 2008

Ariel Union

Little Mermaid Comic: "Summer Vacation"

It's the height of summer, so here's a short comic story from Redan Disney Princess Magazine #32 (May/June 2008) about Ariel's summer vacation. Remember that Disney Princess Magazine is aimed at fairly young children, so the story is simple and silly, but it is also very WTF in its approach to movie continuity.

Click the pages twice to make them big enough to read...

So, why is Ursula in this story? The movie doesn't work if Ariel has had regular interactions with Ursula beforehand. And Triton doesn't recognize Ursula after she merely lightens her skin color and puts on an apron and a hat (Heck, she even keeps her hairstyle and eye makeup)? That's almost racist! And what's up with Triton dressing like a redneck? I can see ditching the crown while on vacation, but wearing a trucker's hat instead? And then wearing it backwards (in the last panel)?

And of course, there's some undersea logic problems. I'll give them the underwater ice cream, but a swimming pool? I guess there could be pools of heavier liquids in the bottom of the ocean, but could it be anything you'd want to relax in?

But I gotta say, I love Ursula's enchanted ice cream cones. One makes you sneeze, two cause spotted skin, two cause upside-downness, one causes spinning -- and two give you anime hair colors. That's top-notch villainy there!