July 10th, 2008

Ariel Union

Archie Brands: Betty & Veronica Digest Magazine #185

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List of companies, brands, organizations, entertainments, fictional characters, celebrities, etc. in the Archie Universe(s)

Betty & Veronica Digest Magazine #185 (August 2008)

Companies & Brands

Comet Arcade – A video game arcade in Riverdale Mall. The logo is similar to the logo of Archie Comic's superhero Comet. (R)

Comic Galaxy 3000 – A comic book shop in Riverdale. It is described as a "superstore," which means that they also sell a wide variety of toys and collectibles. The owner's name is Steve, and Veronica's cousin Marcy works there. It appears to be the successor to an earlier store named Galaxy Comics (there is a big Galaxy Comics banner inside the store, and that's the best explanation I can think of).(R)

Galaxy Comics – See Comic Galaxy 3000. (R)

Gypsy Rose's – A magic shop in Riverdale. (R)

Mike's Sport Shop – A sporting goods store in Riverdale. (R)

Mlle. Lazongg's -- A expensive women's clothing store in Riverdale.(R)

Playzone Five -- A video game console developed by Lodge Enterprises. The name is a reference to the PlayStation 2.(R)

Vista Bruiser -- A model of car from the 1950s. Named after the Vista Cruiser station wagon, but this car is a two-seater convertible.

Entertainments and Fictional Characters

Action Man -- A comic book. The first issue from 1939 is worth "thousands".(R)

Boo -- A comic book.(R)

Oh! -- A comic book.(R)

Oof! -- A comic book.(R)

Ouch -- A comic book.(R)

Ow! -- A comic book.(R)

Pow Comics -- A comic book.(R)

Space Trek -- A science-fiction TV show. It the top fandom of Veronica's geeky cousin Marcy. Based on Star Trek.(R)

Super Cat -- A comic book.(R)

Super Dog -- A comic book.(R)

Yo! -- A comic book.(R)