November 28th, 2007

Ariel Union

Winter Wonderland

I'm listening to Christmas carols already, and that brings up a little pet peeve:  "Winter Wonderland" isn't a Christmas song, and I'm not sure why everyone keeps treating it like it is.  It's about a cold snowy day in winter, and that's it.  If it is on a album of Christmas songs, it is just filler because they ran out of legitimate Christmas carols.

I don't have anything against "Winter Wonderland" -- it's a catchy song, and I commonly find myself singing it.  It's sweet, with the wacky couple enjoying a winter day with snow parsons and conspiracies.  (But I don't like the verse that switches POV to kids building a snowman.  What's that doing there?  And who says "kiddies"?)  But it's not a Christmas song...