October 10th, 2007

Ariel Union

New Comics Weekly

Second week of on-time delivery!

Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine #155 -- It's Halloween!  The new stories are stylish Halloween tales by Dan Parent (I don't care much for the way he draws the Archie characters, but he can sure do some pleasing and unusual layouts when he puts his mind to it).  The reprinted stories aren't Halloween tales, but they all either have a supernatural element or involve costumes, so that's close enough.

By the way, there's a character in the new story named Marcy that is apparently part of the gang, but I'm not familiar with her.  Has she appeared before in Dan Parent stories?

Black Adam: The Dark Age #3 -- The problem with having a mass murder as the protagonist is that you really don't care if something bad happens to him.  At the end of this issue, *SPOILER WARNING* Teth Adam is shot and left to drown and I thinking that I would be OK with it if he died...*END SPOILER WARNING*

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1  -- Pretty much just like you remember: A straight super-hero story welded to a lot of puns and visual gags.  The subplot of "racial" tension between land animals and water animals is interesting...

Countdown #29 -- Donna, Jason, Kyle, Bob and Jokester travel to Earth-8, where everyone is vaguely reminiscent of a Marvel comics character (yes, a new version of Angor), and the locals kick their ass.  Then the Monitor Who Likes to Kill People shows up, then Monarch and Forerunner, and it all turns into the super-hero version of a French farce...

Wonder Girl #2 -- I'm really enjoying this series, if only because Cissie King-Jones and Anita Fite make cameo appearances.  Yay Young Justice!

This week's cheap back issue:
Harvey Hits #114 -- featuring the G.I. Juniors as their super-hero alter-egos, the Super Kids.  I can't find a cover online to show you, but you can read more about the G.I. Juniors/Super Kids here.