September 5th, 2007

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday

Here's the comics I bought last week.  It's so late, I'm just going to do the favorite quotes:

Archie's Pal Jughead Comics #184
"You kidding? My comic book was spun off from his comic book!"
Jughead, when asked if he was friends with Archie

Betty & Veronica Double Digest Magazine #154
"The thing I find attractive about Veronica Lodge is her money."
Nick St. Clair, showing his true colors

Countdown #35
"And... what's this from?  It's like I got sunburned..."
Jimmy Olsen, not recognizing heat vision burns

Countdown to Adventure #1
"I'll show those little bastards 'peaceful'... by getting all 'eighth grade science' on their butts!"
Champ Hazard, preparing to change sand creatures into glass creatures and then shatter them

Spider-Man Family #4
"Nice to meet you, Spider-Dan."

Wonder Woman #12
"Hold your tongue before I turn it into a snake and have it bite your nose off."
Nemesis, disguised as Circe