July 5th, 2007

Ariel Union

New Comics Thursday

Only two new comics today (but that's because I missed Detective Comics #834):

Countdown #43 -- This time most of the storylines intersect at the funeral for the Flash (Bart Allen), and that structure serves the comic well.  And the Holly Robinson plot is crazy, in a good way.  So this is a better issue, but it could still stand to be more self-contained.

Justice League Unlimited #35 -- Another story about a plucky younger hero rising to the challenge (this time it's Natasha Irons).  Hasn't this title done this story several times already?  And the animated version of Natasha is pretty ugly.  And the villains are the Millennium Giants.  Usually I'm pretty good at picking which issues of JLU to buy, but this time I struck out...

This week's cheap back issue:
Archie's TV Laugh-Out #10 (November 1971) -- I bought this because of the cover!  Haven't read it yet, but it seems to consist of a long (13 pg) Archies story in the front (guest starring Josie and the Pussycats), an Archie I story in the back, and a lot of one page gag comics in the middle.  Despite the "Starring Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch" blurb on the cover, no Sabrina appears inside.  ArchieCo was publishing lots of comics in 1971, and producing lots of stories to fill them.  I'm sure the lead story was written especially for TV Laugh-Out, but the rest of the stories were just whatever was available.  And since the Sabrina comic had just started (it was around issue 4 or 5 at this time) and it was giant-sized too, they may have needed all their Sabrina stories for it and not had one to spare for TV Laugh-Out...