June 29th, 2007

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday

Here's what I picked up Wednesday (note: no Cheap Back Issue this week)...

Countdown #44  -- Quality shifts wildly on this comic book.  This issue is not one of the good ones, but maybe that's just because of the art...  We do get to see Jimmy Olsen, Human Porcupine so it's not all bad...

Iron Man:Hypervelocity #6 -- The miniseries concludes, and it was pretty kick ass!  You need a high tolerance level of computer technobabble, but I do...  And Tony Stark barely appears, which is a good thing these days...

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #1 -- I gave this a chance after buying the preview issue a while back.  It's intriguing, and it is using a technique I've always liked where the hero (Sheena) isn't the protagonist.  I'll give it a few issues...

Teen Titans Go! #44 -- Raven's evil side is on the loose.  But more interesting is what Raven is like without her evil side...

This week's Quotes from the Comics:

"And right about now, I think to myself..."
"... Maybe I should've told Superman I was coming here, just in case."
Jimmy Olsen, while being beaten by a street gang

"I pop the armor open again --"
"-- And, echoing Iggy's lyric about his heart full of napalm --"
"-- The slurry of fuel-air explosives that I poured into the armor's empty occupant cavity ninety seconds ago now erupts forth --"
"-- thanks to the 400 PSI-worth of air pressurization I pumped into it."
"Being a literal empty suit does have its tactical advantages"
"Tony Stark 2.0"