April 24th, 2007

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday (continued...)

I picked up a few more new comics this week:

Betty #164 -- This is one of ArchieCo's most consistently good comics, but it's almost never great, and (due to the low-key slice-of-life nature of the stories) it is not very funny.  I'm thinking I've had enough of it, may drop it soon...  This issue also features a Batman/Cal Rifkin, Jr. team-up where bubble gum saves the day...

Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #19 -- Featuring a new That Wilkin Boy story, only 18 months after the last one!  Jughead tries to set up Bingo and W.W.  Of course that doesn't work (there's no splitting up Bingo and Samantha), but it's another fun chapter in the W.W. saga, and a reminder that That Wilkin Boy still exists.

And again, a few more things are established about the revamped That Wilkin Boy:
  1. Bingo and the rest live in a town named Midville.  Is that new, or from the 70s?  And is it related to Midvale, the town where Josie and the Pussycats live?
  2. Samantha has a good friend named Emma.  Is she new?
P.S. The other new story features Jellybean, if anybody is looking for a Jellybean story...