April 14th, 2007

Ariel Union

Blades of Glory

Oh, yeah. Movies! Everyone at my office went to see Blades of Glory yesterday as our monthly Fun Thing to Do. We do these mainly to get to know each other... I'm not sure how well this one worked however. Going to a movie together doesn't seem to lead to very much teambuilding... I guess we should have talked to the screen more, maybe throw things...

Anyway,  Blades of Glory was OK, funny to watch but you don't really take much away from it.  A good movie for a large assorted group of people to go see, I guess.  It did have lots of good humorous actors in it (like Jenna Fischer and Nick Swardson -- OK, I don't know who Nick Swardson is either, but he is very funny in Blades as a stalker)