March 14th, 2007

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday

It's new comics day!

52 Week Forty-Five --  OK, now Black Adam versus the world begins, and since Black Adam's attack on Bialya makes no sense (as 52 Pickup points out) we have to assume Black Adam has now gone mad from grief, which is a shame because he's more interesting when there are some reasonable motives behind his violence.  I love how Sivana is welcoming Black Adam's attack on Oolong Island at the end of the story (But who is he talking too?  Does he have worms?)
Betty and Veronica # 225 -- I bought this because it contains a weird little parody story -- Betty and Veronica become magical girl-type superheroes for one story.  It's clever, but would have benefited from better art.
Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters #5
What Were They Thinking: Go West Young Man #1 --  More old comics with new funny dialog -- westerns this time.  I didn't care for the first too stories and started to think maybe the idea ha played out, but the last two stories are very good...

The Black Napkin: How 'bout, "Girl, let me settle down in your OK Corral/Wowie wow wow/Napkin's gonna need a towel..."

DJ Training Bra: Then, "T-t-tight like a wedding night/Let's make Louis L'Amour by the campfire light." Then I flip it and reverse it, boy-eee! Now that's a hook!

Cowboy hero and recording artist Black Napkin and his Indian sidekick write a song while riding after the bad guys in What Were They Thinking: Go West Young Man #1

This week's cheap back issue:
Josie #36 (September1968) -- Haven't read it yet, but I believe it's the first appearance of Clyde Didit...