February 26th, 2007

Ariel Union

One of each...

Sorry for not posting anything real yesterday; it was a weird day...

So here's some things I've discovered lately that I either like or don't like:

Don't like

The Underdog trailer

Underdog wasn't a great cartoon, but it is fondly remembered, and the concept is fairly simple:  It's a funny superhero show.  It is somewhat of a parody of straight superheroics, but mostly it's just funny on it's own terms.  Underdog (even when in costume) is exceptionally meek and mild, and he speaks in rhyme (with that memorable Wally Cox voice), and he's an anthropomorphic dog in a mainly-human world (I think that was done simply so his name could be a pun), and the plots are weird and nonsensical and it's just supposed to be funny (but usually only reached mildly amusing).

So you watch the trailer (and read some of the articles about the upcoming film), and you realize the producers of the movie just didn't get it. Underdog/Shoeshine Boy is no longer a person who just happens to look like a dog (the same way Porky Pig just looks like a pig, or Bullwinkle just looks like a moose), he's a real dog who happens to be able to talk and fly (but doesn't seem to rhyme).  Which is not that bad of an idea for a movie, but misses the mark on what an Underdog movie should be by miles.


Kaci Starr

Kaci Starr
Most porn stars are just slutty, but Kaci is cute, and I approve.