November 12th, 2006

Ariel Union

Betty Boop's Diner

When we visited San Francisco briefly this fall, I saw Betty Boop's Diner for a few seconds while the cable care went past it, and I wondered What's up with that?  So today I find this post at Harry-Go-Round that explains it all (or at least enough to satisfy me).
Ariel Union


3We were way behind on watching Lost this season, so we watched the last four episodes this weekend...only to learn we have to wait until February to see what happens next!  Aargh!  I must say, the season so far has been really good, with a definite focus that's kept things zipping along.  But poor Mr. Eko, we hardly knew ye...

Since I'm talking about Lost, here's a picture of Yunjim Kim (even though she wasn't in any of these four episodes):
Yunjin Kim surprised