September 24th, 2006

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday (continued...)

I picked up this comic Saturday:

Betty #159 -- This comic usually features solid but unspectacular stories, but the lead story hear is such a stinker that I had to say something.  George Gladir has been writing Archie stories for years, and sometimes he "cheats" and writes a story that doesn't really have a plot -- it's just a bunch of short gags linked around the characters imaging what their lives might be like if they had super-powers, or lived in a past historical period, or lived on the moon (and it always turns out the basics of the characters are the same).  Well, "The Big Kayo!" is one of those stories, but I'm not picking on it because it's tired and predictable.  The real problem is that the premise of this story is that Betty has been invited to a movie-themed party, and that leads her to imagine all the movie characters that she and Archie could dress as -- but it appears that Gladir hasn't seen a movie in 10 years!

I'm serious.  Here the movie themed costumes  -- first Betty imagines that she and Archie attend the part as 1930's aviators, then as pirates, then firemen, and finally fish.  Then Betty finds out that Archie decided to go with Veronica instead, and she gets all mad.  Flash forward to the party, where Archie and Veronica are Antony and Cleopatra, and Betty shows up as a female boxer with an Archie punching bag!

OK, there have been recent hit movies with pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean) and fish (Finding Nemo, Shark Tale) and female boxers (Million Dollar Baby), but 1930's aviators? Firemen (unless he's referring to World Trade Center, which would be a weird choice of Halloween costume)?  And the last major Cleopatra movie was 40 years ago!
Ariel Union

DVD in 9 days: Ariel Figure Sketches part 1

Ok, now here's a find -- a group of Ariel sketches done by the Disney artists right before animation began.  Art-wise there had been a small group of character designers working on the film up to this point, but when Oliver and Company wrapped many new animators were assigned to TLM to actually make the film -- and most of them had not drawn an adult (or teen) female human in quite a while!  So these are their initial attempts to try to draw Ariel...

Ariel Figure Sketch 1
Ariel figure sketch 2
Ariel figure sketch 3

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