September 17th, 2006

Ariel Union


Yesterday I was a lazy leo after dropping Beth off at the airport. I had plenty of things I could do, but I just was lazy.  I did go get a haircut, so that's something.

Last night, I went with friends from work to a concert at the Walnut Room.  We went to see SweetwaterMojo, because their lead singer is the boyfriend of one of the developers (I know him, he went to Mexico on the company trip last year). 

First up was Beto Hale, who I didn't care much for.  Just some singer/songwriter whose songs didn't click with me.  Then SweetwaterMojo came on, and they were very good!  You can listen to their songs on their page to hear what they are like (kinda bluesy, kinda bluegrass-y), but those songs rock much more when live -- especially "Steve".  But then they did covers of lots of songs that you wouldn't think could be bluegrass songs, like "Take a Chance on Me", "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Baby Got Back" (with bits of "Fat-Bottomed Girls" and "Big Bottom" folded in) and those were great!  I would definitely go see them again and take friends.  I mean, there's one guy in the band who alternates between playing mandolin and bongo drum.  How cool is that?

The third band was The Potcheen Folk Band, and they were fun too. They're like a punk folk band, and they did all these Irish folk songs and sailor songs.  The only problem is live their guitars drown everything else out and you can't hear the singer (even though he is yelling) and they make every song sound the same.  I like their recordings better.  They have their own following, and you could pick out their fans because thay all came dressed as pirates!  When Potcheen played, all the pirates got up and danced reels and jigs.  I don't know if the pirate thing is is done all the time, because they did give out prizes for best pirate costume and sexiest pirate, so maybe it was a special occasion.  Sexiest pirate was won by a girl wearing nothing but two eypatches as her top!