May 15th, 2006

Ariel Union

Maxim June 2006

So, Maxim magazine comes in the mail every month for free, I don't know why (I think I've mentioned this before).  I've always thought that I should be able to blog about it somehow, and now I think I've got something.... I have always been impressed that Maxim is able to find three women a month for their pictorials, especially since they are all "celebrities"  and not just anyone off the street.  Of course, they have to stretch the definition of fame quite a bit, but they still usually manage.  So I think I will start listing the the Maxim women of the month, starting with the June issue which just arrived today:

Daniella AlonsoOne Tree Hill actress also in the upcoming fright flick Hood of Horror

Frankee: Singer.  It says she had a hit in 2004 with "F.U.R.B.", but I don't remember it...

Veronica Varekova: Model.  She gets the cover (which isn't online yet -- that's how timely I am!)

So, did anyone find this useful?  Should I do it again next month?