March 19th, 2006

Ariel Union

Makes sense to me!

Check out this from the review of Lilo and Stitch at Christian Answers Network:

Negative -- First of all from the movie previews I thought this would be a movie about a loveable little alien. I was immediately caught off guard by the way the movie started a mad scientist playing God creates a diabolical Misfit, experiment 626 or 6(66) deliberately pronounced six two six. From a christian perspective this immediately put me on High alert. Six two six, soul purpose is to destroy. Sounds like the AntiChrist to me. I am extremely offended by anyone altering or the cloning of cells and the reference to 6(66) appals me. The movie is almost appears to me a forefront to the actual appearance of the antichrist and through its deceptive analogy. Leads us the viewers that something created to be devious can turn out to be good and That modify the gene pool is okay. I believe that these people who write and produce these movies are in league with the devil and are sublty trying to change the way we are influenced and think. My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 4]
   --Ted, age 37

I never saw the "Stitch as the Antichrist" subtext before!

Note: I didn't find this myself -- I read about it in Cinema Sewer magazine...