February 23rd, 2006

Ariel Union

Automation makes life easier

Today was really fun.

I got out of bed just before breakfast because the smell of cooking bacon woke me up.

I feel unusual because my antidepressants are making me hairy.

I'm so angry. Paul is grounded. AGAIN! And I'm not allowed to see him. EVER. It's just NOT FAIR. I hate my mom and I wish she was dead. This wouldn't happen if I was allowed to live with dad.

Last night I had to shave my entire body. Apparently, the lice that I caught from Amanda's friend are really hard to get rid of. I look quite strange with no hair and eyebrows. I'd post pictures, but my webcam is broken.

I want to tell the world that I love you all! You're all so special to me!

I am making this journal friends only because I don't want the world to read what I'm writing, even though I'm posting it on the internet.

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's some photos of my cock.

I want to say thanks to simon and Abbey and Dave and the other Simon for helping me on Saturday. You guys are the best. By the way, if you happen to find my wallet, keys or underwear, could you SMS me? Adrian has my number.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, and a healthy imagination.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you next week's lottery numbers.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful.

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Ariel Union

Silly quiz


Ariel is a totally spunky mermaid that loves to try

new things!!! She is also stubborn but luvs

to daydream.....That means you're probably

really creative! You know what you want and

you're gonna do what you can to get it, so

you have a strong spirit!!!

What Disney Princess Are You???? *pretty pics!!!*
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I gotta say that even though I got the result I want, this quiz didn't make much sense...
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