February 8th, 2006

Ariel Union

New Comics Wednesday

Here's what I got today.  No reviews yet of course, but here's why I bought them...

Bomb Queen #1  This week's comic-that-was-bought-on-a-whim.  It's the story of a super-villain who has taken over a major US city by threats and intimidation (and killing all the super-heroes), and held it for 10 years.  Now what?  Oh, and she also has one of the most impractical costumes ever.
JSA #82  Art by George Perez on a Earth-2 flashback!  I'm such a fanboy...
Welcome to Heaven, Dr Franklin  An old William Messner-Loebs story I haven't read before
X-Men: The 198 #2  Because I bought the last issue and liked it.