January 30th, 2006

Ariel Union

We demand to know! -- S (part 1)

Are these mutants still mutants? Marvel must tell us now!

Scavenger: Nutball who can't feel pain (or anything else).  His favorite hobby is mutilating
himself.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), he also has a healing factor, so he doesn't stay mutilated long. 
Shrew: Mercenary who can transform into a rodent-like form.
Sketch: She can change things by redrawing them.  See that car over there?  She'll draw it, then change the drawing -- add flamethrowers, and machine guns, and a bichin' sound system.  Whatever changes she draws also happen in real life!  Now that's cool!
Snowfall: Powerful little girl telepath who was being used by the bad guys. Apparently killed herself (because she's too powerful and a threat to the world) by walking into a snow storm, but I don't believe it...