January 18th, 2006

Ariel Union

Arielcon Atlantica 2006 pre-itinerary

The official Arielcon Atlantica 2006 itinerary has not been released yet (click here for my earlier post about Arielcon Atlantica 2006), but Anita did send this yesterday:

So is everyone ready for Arielcon Atlantica?  I am! 
This Arielcon will be entitled, "Arielcon Atlantica 2006, Ariel Rocks!" 
I would like an email from every one who is planning to attend this year in Florida and would like to know their shirt size.  Registration will be $40.00 for the weekend and the goody bags are worth more than that. 
I have a wonderful game that we will be playing on Friday at MGM and a fun kind of scavenger hunt on Saturday at the Magic Kingdom.
On Sunday, Epcot will be involved this year on the itinerary for the first time.  I would like to have the awards ceremony there and pass out all the pictures.  I would also like for all of us to see Crush at the living seas and I think all of us Arielholics need to go on 'Soarin'.  Then we shall have to do the tradition of eating desserts around the world. 
This is just a sample of the itinerary and our own Jason Lopez is doing the shirt and nametag design this year so let me know!

Yay!  It's really happening!  If you want to go, send Anita an email at afj1 at worldnet dot att dot net!  Include your t-shirt size and what name you want on the nametag...