January 13th, 2006

Ariel Union

We demand to know! -- C

Are these mutants still mutants? Marvel must tell us now!

Conquistador:  Spanish crimelord who has super-strength, etc. when in contact with the earth.  I suspect you can guess how he was beaten!
Cool Million: Mercenary with persuasion power who charges (and gets) $1,000,000 per job
Crazy Legs: Kid gang member with stretchy legs
Crimson Daffodil: Bank robber with the telepathic power to reroute fear signals in your brain to the pleasure center.  So the more afraid of him you are, the better you like him and are willing to do what he says.  If I were the Crimson Daffodil, I think I'd wear a scary monster costume.  I'd also find something better to do with my powers than rob banks!  He later developed digging powers and changed his name to the Wombat.
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