January 8th, 2006

Ariel Union

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #72

(Just reviewing the 5-page Josie and the Pussycats story in the back...)

The manga reboot of Josie and the Pussycats continues with the reintroduction of Alan M. (only referred to as "Alan" here, which is alright with me.  The name "Alan M." never made any sense.  Someone once theorized that it was some kind of pun on the cigarette brand "L & M" -- if that's the case, they should get rid of the M.).  The story is so short that nothing else really happens: Alan helps the girls unload their van, and Alex hires him to be their roadie.  The end.  Josie is interested in Alan (because he's cute and strong, I guess), and the fact that Alan has a similar sense of humor to Melody makes Valerie think Alan is interested in Melody (and stupid), but nothing is really learned about Alan at all (including what he thinks about the girls).  All setup here, to pay off later (one hopes).

Oh, and Alex wears sunglasses in this story, and finally he looks like Alex (even though he only wears them on his forehead).  I suggest the sunglasses stick around.