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New Comics Wednesday

OK, I'm back from vacations and/or medical emergencies, so time to get back on a normal schedule.  And so, here are the comics I bought this week...

Countdown #36 -- The various plot lines move forward.  The most interesting at the moment is Mary Marvel's, and the most random is Karate Kid's (why are we supposed to care about him again?). 
Obscure Superman villain Equus is brought back in this issue -- I'd never seen the character before, and am very surprised that he is not some kind of horse.  I mean, I know we are running out of good comic book character names, but why waste "Equus" on a generic cyborg mercenary?

Mystic Arcana #3 -- So how do you do a Scarlet Witch story these days?  Make it a flashback, of course...  This story flashes back to the first time Wanda manifested her powers (she seems to be 10 or 11) and shows that many of Marvel's pre-Doctor Strange sorcerers (including Taboo and Damballah) knew Wanda would be very powerful, and wanted that power for themselves, and were plotting to take it from Wanda (or control Wanda).  It kind of makes sense, but where were all these sorcerers when Wanda went mad and reshaped reality?  Why didn't they warn someone?

Thunderbolts #116 -- The machinations and double-crosses between the super-villains continue.  It's fun in the short term, but it's too grim to go on forever...
This issue's obscure super-hero is Caprice.  Since she wasn't exactly a super-hero in her last appearance, it seems she must have semi-reformed since then.

This week's cheap back issue:
AstroComics (1977 issue) -- This is obscure!  This comic reprints of Harvey Comics stories, and was given away on American Airlines.  It appears to have lasted from 1968 to 1978, but it is unclear how often new issues came out, etc.  (Quarterly?  Annually?)  The whole thing is made harder to figure out by the fact that the same cover would be used for years and years!  Well, now I have one, maybe it is up to me to get a complete collection and clear up the mysteries...

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