December 29th, 2005

Ariel Union

New Comics Thursday

Comics are late this week because of the holidays:

Exiles #74
Concluding the Exile's visit to the New Universe, this nostalgia trip was fun but not nourishing.  And the ultimate weapon didn't even come from the New Universe!  I guess if I could pull resources from all around the multiverse I'd do the same thing that Heather did, but that doesn't make it dramatically satisfying...

Hyper-Actives #0
A 75¢ preview of an upcoming mini-series.  The Hyper-Actives are teenage superheros, and they're also egotistical pricks.  It's been done before.  I like the over-the-top ultra-shiny art by Clint Hilinski, but not enough to get the mini-series in February.

Lucky Bamboo Productions Presents #0
Previews of three upcoming comics projects from writer Fiona Avery and various artists.  I liked Sam Falcon -- the story of a hard-boiled gal detective in Fairyland -- the best, but none of the three really grabbed me.

I guess that was kind of disappointing, huh?  I also got a Fish out of Water Pez dispenser, and I really like it!
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