November 6th, 2005

Ariel Union

Loot from Majesticon

I didn't buy many back issues at Majesticon (as predicted), but here's what I did get:

Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica #105 & 112
Archie's Pals & Gals #28
Archie's Mad House #47
The Defenders #62
Freddy #46*
Lady Death in Lingerie #1**
That Wilkin Boy #24
*  My most obscure purchase today, Freddy was Charlton's Archie clone.  I'd never even heard of it before today.
** Bought just to round a purchase up to $5

After I've read these, I'll probably post more about them. Also, I had Monte M. Moore autograph a book of his that I had, and ended up buying his new book Mystica.  And while Moore didn't have a new mermaid print to tempt me, Joseph Michael Linser did -- and I bought it (and I got my copy of The Vampire's Christmas signed too)!