October 9th, 2005

Ariel Union

"Shad Needs" meme

This meme I've seen on several friends' pages recently...

Google "[your name here] needs" and take the first ten or so results. (Include the quotation marks when Googling.)

- Shad needs to get Recon
- Shad Needs A Feud.
- Shad needs to communicate corporate decisions (a) more quickly (b) more completely (c). more candidly with its alumni.
- Shad needs to toss those school books down and pickup on some NS.
- Shad needs a break from the restaurant scene now and then.
- shad needs to be fresh and very well scaled and clean.
- Shad needs To Go ahead and tell her how He feels before she finds somebody else.
- shad needs the fresh water the most.

The perils of sharing my name with a fish...
Ariel Union

Arielcon Pacifica 2005

Well, I have already shared some of the history of Arielcon, so here's some more specific info about the next one...

What Is It?
Already answered, but to be concise it is a (very modest) Ariel fan convention at Disneyland Resort.

When Is It?
October 14-16, 2005

What Will Happen?
The itinerary has not been announced yet (it is always a last-minute thing), but we do know one event:  A screening of The Little Mermaid at El Capitan Theatre at 8:00 am on Friday, October 14.  Click here for more info.

Based on previous years, we will probably spend Friday on Disneyland and Saturday in California Adventure.  Friday will include visiting Ariel in her grotto, and maybe a scavenger hunt or photo contest or trivia contest.  Gift exchange will probably be that evening.  Saturday may include more contests, and end with dinner with Ariel at Ariel's Grotto restaurant.  The guests will need to be worked in here somewhere too.  Sunday will probably be just quick goodbyes in the morning.  But this is all guesswork!

There are guests?
Yes,  This year, TLM animator Philo Barnhart and Margaret Kelly (voice & live-action model for the red-headed mermaid in Peter Pan) are confirmed.

Does it cost anything?
Yes, there will be an organization fee.  It hasn't been announced yet, but it will be in the $20-40 range.  It goes to Anita, the Arielcon's organizer, to pay for the goody bag and contest prizes.  Also, you need to bring an Ariel gift in the $10 range for the gift exchange.

Separate from the above, you have to pay for park tickets, hotel rooms & airfare yourself.  And this year, there is also $20 for the movie screening.  If you are staying in the Disneyland area, transportation to Hollywood for the screening will be provided.

How do I sign up?
1)  Join the Arielholics Anonymous mailing list.  You need to do this to make sure you get all the latest news, including the itinerary.  Click here for instructions.

2) Send Anita an email at afj1@worldnet.att.net to let her know you are coming.

3) To attend the screening, you must follow the instructions here.  You can just go to the screening and not the rest of Arielcon Pacifica if you want.

Any other rules?
Unless you are coming with a parent or guardian, you must be over 18.