October 5th, 2005

Ariel Union

What is Arielcon?

So, what's this Arielcon I've been talking about?

Arielcon is a twice-yearly gathering of fans of Ariel, the star of Disney's animated movie version of Hans Christian Andersen's The Little MermaidArielcon Atlantica is held at Disney World in January, and Arielcon Pacifica is at Disneyland in October.

The next Arielcon is Arielcon Pacifica 2005 on October 14-16!  That's right, less that 2 weeks away!

Arielcon started when members of the Arielholics Anonymous mailing list wanted to meet each other at Disney World.  Even today, the first step to attending is to join the mailing list, which you can do here.

Arielcons have grown more elaborate over the 9 years (?) since the first one -- but not too much, since there have never been more than 30 people attending.  Basically we meet at the parks, see all the Ariel stuff, watch the movie on TV somewhere, and hang out.  Recent additions have been celebrity guests (like animator Philo Barnhart) and now this new movie screening (see yesterday's post).

Next, I'll talk more about Arielcon Pacifica 2005!