September 23rd, 2005

Ariel Union

Movie Trading Company

Does anyone else out there have Movie Trading Company in their area?  They are not national yet, but they are all over the Denver area...

I'm asking because they have quickly become one of my favorite stores.  They buy and sell used DVDs, which is very handy, but the best thing is their "no art" section, where DVDs with no box art can be had for $4.99 each  If you rummage around in that section, you can come up with some great stuff.  Last time I was there I got Thumbelina (Don Bluth animated film with Jody Benson as the voice of the tiny girl) and She Creature (a made-for-Showtime horror movie about a killer mermaid), five bucks each!

And where do all these no-art DVDs come from?  Blockbuster mostly -- Movie Trading Company is apparently owned by Blockbuster, a fact they don't really advertise...  I don't care much for Blockbuster as a rental place, but Movie Trading Company rocks!

Now I need to go find cover art to download for these babies...