June 16th, 2005

Ariel Union

More Tania del Rio

Here's another interview with Tania del Rio.  A lot like the last one, but shorter!  Does have some nice art, including more previews of Chris Lie's art for Josie.  I like the picture below, but I think Lie's art is a little too slick & mechanical.  Maybe he'll get better as he goes along  -- although I'm starting to think there are only two stories planned so far, as I just realized all the publicity only mentions the two upcoming stories in Tales from Riverdale Digest #3 and Sabrina the Teenage Witch #68, but doesn't say there will be a continuing series in either magazine...

Ariel Union

Shes been right here all this time!

So I decided to add "tania del rio" to my interests list in LiveJournal, to see if there were any other fans. And there are two others -- and one is Tania del Rio herself! No fooling, check it out:  taniadelrio

So now I'm gonna read her journal and see what's up.  Also, it has a link to her personal web site, which I will have to check out too!
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