ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Hummingbird moths

Tonight I was taking out the trash, and there in our flowers was a hummingbird moth (aka hawk moth aka sphinx moth aka bee moth).  So I went and got the camera, and here it is:

The flash let you see the wings, but when watching it the wings never stopped as it was constantly hovering.  But thanks to the camera, I am able to identify it as a striped morning sphinx moth to be exact (thanks to this site too).

A few minutes later, a second moth came by.  Here's a picture of them both:

They don't look the same here, but remember you are looking at the top one from below. 

This was so cool!  I never even heard of hummingbird moths before, and here they are.  And in a funky coincidence, it turns out that They Might Be Giants (my favorite band) have a song about hummingbird moths on their new album, released today!  So did these moths come to remind me to buy the new TMBG CD?  I think so...
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