ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Stupid Questions in the Sunday Magazines

I haven't done this is a while, so click here to see what it's about...

This question is from the July 1 Parade, and I present it without comment:

Q. Any chance Ryan Seacrest will become the next Johnny Carson on late-night TV?

Answer-guy Walter Scott diplomatically says it can't happen, because Ryan Seacrest isn't a comedian...

While I'm on the subject of the Sunday magazines, here's another question from Parade that isn't stupid, but the answer is:

Q. Why is Tom Selleck replacing James Caan on NBC’s Las Vegas?

A. Selleck, 62, isn’t replacing Caan. He’s being introduced this fall as the new owner of the Montecito casino.

Well, it depends on your definition of replace, I guess.  Seleck is not replacing Cann in the role of Ed Deline.  And Seleck is not replacing Cann as the manager of the Montecito.  But Seleck sure is replacing Cann as the male lead of Las Vegas!

Caan, 67, left to work on a movie version of the TV classic Get Smart.

No, Cann left to work on movies period (and he has said so).  The first movie may be Get Smart, but I'm sure Cann didn't leave just because he was afraid to miss that film (where I assume he is the Chief).  He left so he could do all the movies he wants without being tied down to a TV show.
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