ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday (continued)

Went to the local comic book store and pick up more new comics (they may not be all from this week; some are from last week...)

Banzai Girls #1 (aka Banzai Girl #6) -- I forgot this was on my hold list, and I'm not really sure I want it.  I mean, it's not good.  It's certainly interesting (especially when you consider the backstory), and fascinating in a train wreck kind of way, but still...

Boneyard #25 -- Michael's life gets more complicated when faeries show up, and he makes it worse by inviting one to stay.  He should have listened to Abby, especially when she's wearing those pants...

Jughead #182 -- Jughead visits the National Hamburger Festival in Akron Ohio. It's such a great idea, it should become an annual event!

Superman/Batman #37 --  I bought this because it's written by Alan Burnett, who wrote a few comic books in the early eighties that I really liked, but is mostly a TV writer.  OK, stop right there.  I just did some googling, and it turns out the writer that I like is Alan BrennertAlan Burnett is someone else (who also worked in TV).  No wonder I didn't care much for this comic...

Thunderbolts #115 -- OK, I finally get this comic.  Thunderbolts was originally about villains pretending to be heroes, but after 12 issues or so most of the cast started to reform.  This revamp has went back to the original premise -- they are villains pretending to be heroes again, but this time they have the backing of the US government to help with the whole deception (and a few heroes (Songbird, etc.) sprinkled in for cover). 
Oh, and some of the members (Venom, Bullseye, etc.) are never going to reform, so the heroes on the team just have to work around them -- and Songbird does just that in this issue, neutralizing Bullseye without letting on.  Well played.

Wonder Woman #10 -- OK, does no one realize that the thing leading the Amazons can't really be Hyppolata (or if it is, she came back wrong).  Why are the Amazons following her?  Why is Wonder Woman having so much angst about having to fight her?  I must say that I like the ending -- if this is the the real Hyppolata, that should get thru to her...

No quotes right now.  That's whole quote thing is fun, but harder than I thought it would be...

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