ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

Here's what I picked up today...

Countdown #45 -- If the Monitors are really trying to clean up the cosmos and send lost beings back to where they belong, I'd say that leaving Forerunner behind in the National Mall was a bad idea...

Justice League of America #10 -- The end of the JLA/JSA/LSH team-up, and we find out who the LSH is trying to bring back from the dead.  All I will say is most of the bloggers I read were close, but no cigar...

Madame Mirage #1 Kenneth Rocafort Cover
Madame Mirage #1 -- The Madame Mirage First Look convinced me to pick this up, and I'm glad I did.  It's based in a world where there used to be super-heroes, but there were a lot more super-villains.  So the nations of the world signed a treaty to outlaw super-powers.  The heroes retired, but the villains went underground, still using their powers in secret.  Who will oppose them?  Heck, who even knows that they are still around?  Mysterious super-heroine Mirage, that's who!
This is a pretty good book.  I like the setup (I earlier described it as dystopian, but it isn't), I like Mirage and her sidekick Harper, I think I try this out for a few issues...

This week's Quotes from the Comics:

"Oh, I fully intend to give you an old-school beat-down
"I'm just saying, on top of it all, that you are full of crap."
Donna Troy, to Forerunner

"That's a truly inspiring and useless speech, Drake Burroughs."
Brainiac 5

"Dude appreciates the concern irregardless of how tangential it is expressed."

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