ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday (continued...)

Picked up some more comics over the weekend...

Archie & Friends #110 -- NOTE: They did not end up using this cover, which was a good choice.  The new cover is nothing special, but still many times better than this...
Of course, I buy this for the Katy Keene story.  This time, Katy is at the "California Comic Book Convention" to promote The Web Returns, but she spends most of her time trying to complete her Suzie collection (she only needs #62)!  It's a cute story, and some of the most interesting bits is the stuff hidden in the background.  Like what? 
First, some cosplayers at the convention, including the Shield, the Jaguar (Impact comics version), Fly-Girl (I think) and Mr. Spock (breaking the pattern there).  And also lots of fans in t-shirts, but for some reason they are all punk(ish) rock band t-shirts (including the Dead Kennedys, Ultravox! and Capitan Sensible)...

Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine #152 -- Chapter two of "Bad Boy Trouble"

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