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This week's cheap back issues

Because I didn't do this yesterday as part of the new comics post...

So, this week I tapped into the 50¢ beat-to-hell Archie comics:

Archie's Weird Mysteries # 1 (Feb 2000) -- based on the obscure TV show that valiantly attempted to anchor a Saturday morning block on Pax

Laugh #302 (May 1976) -- One of the long-lived Archie anthologies, this issue features four stories: Pop Tate, Dilton, Li'l Jinx and Archie

Life with Archie #163 (Nov 1975) -- This was the comic where Archie had adventures and fought crime.  It usually featured longer stories, but this issue has four short stories like most of the rest of the line...

Pep #298 (Feb 1975) -- The other Archie anthology.  This issue features Archie, Archie, Randy and Archie.  "Who is Randy?" you may ask (I sure did)!  Turns out Randy was a teenage strip by Joe "L'il Jinx" Edwards, and I never even knew it existed.  I don't know how many there were (or anything else), but I can say you could change a few things and have an Archie story with little problem.  It appears just to exist to allow Edwards to do a teen character but still use his own art style (if he did a real Archie story, he'd have to use the Montana/DeCarlo house style -- which Joe Edwards did in the 80's when L'il Jinx was retired).

So our hero Randy is just an ordinary teenager who looks like a teenage Capitan Sprocket, and he's got a chubby best friend named Immy (yes, Immy) and a girlfriend named Marla and a rival named Lips (who looks like a 50's juvenile delinquent).  The hook that is supposed to make this different from Archie is that Randy is new in town, so his relationship with Marla is just starting, and Lips hates Randy because Randy is upsetting the status quo, etc.

So, had anyone else ever heard of Randy before?  I love discovering obscure things like this, but now I would like to know where else Randy appeared so I can read a few more stories....


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Jun. 15th, 2007 10:36 am (UTC)
We never have the beat to hell ones at our comic shop. My comic dealer doesn't buy them from people because he said the resale value is low so he just tosses them I guess I'm not sure. There is another shop in town but they never seem to have the used ones either *misses Jokers Palace* They ALWAYS had them.

Still the Thrift Store is always great for digests.
Jun. 17th, 2007 02:02 am (UTC)
I don't know where Time Warp got their box of beat-up Archies, but I'm glad they bought them, because I like buying them occasionally. And it's not just me, they always have less every week, so someone else is buying them too...
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