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New Comics Wednesday

Now I'm doing today's comics today! What an improvement in timeliness...

Countdown #46 -- OK, giving up Countdown has been harder than I thought. It is getting better, which helps. In this issue, Mary Marvel and her incredibly short miniskirt fights a demon made up of dead babies, another New God gets whacked right in front of Jimmy Olsen, and Jason Todd gets beat up. These are all good things...

Mystic Arcana #1 -- I bought it for the Magik story that fits right into New Mutants #32 (hey, I can be nostalgic, can't I?), but I also enjoyed the Ian McNee story that wraps around it too -- and I didn't expect that!

Sparky in Love -- This was a whim purchase. It's half small press jam comic (about Sparky, an angel-devil-cat thing) and half autobiographical sketches (about a comic book artist who works in a grocery store and keeps on falling in love with his coworkers). Charming, but I don't know as I need to see any more...

This week's Quotes from the Comics:

"The Rock of Eternity has been shattered. Pieces of it are spread all across the city. If fragments fall into the wrong hands...
"Five pregnant women on the roof of a hospital praying in pentagram formation beneath a floating rock while singing Echo and the Bunnymen's 'Killing Moon'...
"I'd say that qualifies as the wrong hands"
Mary Marvel

"How do you say, in English --
"-- I'm going to devour your flesh and suck the digested waste from your intestines?"
Pharyngula, the harvester of stillborn souls

"Instead of the cliche of the 'hero's quest,' we could try the 'hero's re-quest.' I need something. I ask for it. You give it to me.
"It's so fresh and drama-free!"
Ian McNee, trying to avoid fighting a sphinx

"Mmm! Delicious eyeball on a stick!!"
The little devil on Sparky's shoulder

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