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New Comics Wednesday (continued)

Still catching up on things.  Last night, I did get all my new pins from the cruise entered into Pinpics.  I don't talk much about pin collecting in my journal, so I may never have showed you all my pins... to rectify that, you can see them by clicking here!

My two favorite pins from this trip are:

DCL - Artist's Choice March 2007 - Mickey as a Steward -- Because it is my souvenir from the cruise, which was so much fun.

WDW - Storybook Princess Jumbo - Ariel and Prince Eric -- It's huge (much to big to actually wear as a pin) and pretty (the photo doesn't do it justice) and I got it for half-price at Character Premier, which is nice.

I did buy some more comics yesterday too:

Betty #165 -- I've been complaining about the general blandness of this title, but this issue is better that the book has been in a while, opening and closing with strong stories.  And we're introduced to a new character named Brandy with bright blue hair, which no one comments on.  I don't know what's up with that...

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #44 --  I haven't read this yet, but from browsing thru it, it looks like Jim Balent has finally gotten tired of drawing clothes and is now just having the characters be naked all the time.  It took him long enough to get there -- that's been the obvious trend for several years!  ;-)

Oh, here's something new -- some favorite quotes from the new comics!  I stole the idea from the Absorbascon...

"I almost didn't recognize it as money!  I rarely carry anything smaller than a fifty!"
Veronica Lodge, on finding a $5 bill.
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