ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

Arielcon Atlantica 2007

OK, Arielcon Atlantica 2007 is coming very close, so don't expect any posts for a week or so. Tomorrow I expect to be packing, and on Wednesday we fly to Orlando, and the cruise is Thursday-Sunday, and then we are sticking around Disney World (or maybe Universal or Sea World) Monday and Tuesday...

I haven't been pimping this Arielcon the way I usually do, probably because it is on a Disney Cruse, which means that if you wanted to go, you had to have signed up a long time ago -- no last-minute decisions this year. But also, there hasn't been much con discussion on the Arielholics list, so there hasn't been a lot of buzz to get me all hyped up. But rest assured, I will share my pictures when I get back, and I will make sure I keep everyone apprised about Arielcon Pacifica this fall...
Tags: arielcon
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