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Jughead & Friends Digest Magazine #5

Here's the review I promised yesterday...

After all the hype, the actual story is really pretty lame.  It's obvious that it only exists to re-introduce the cast of That Wilkin Boy to a new generation, and plot and jokes came second.  And as an introduction, it leaves out my favorite bit of shtick:  the fact that Bingo is terrible at sports, and Sam is really good  --  after all, this is the main reason why Sams's father doesn't think Bingo is good enough for his little girl.  Except for that, it provides some good context for the That Wilkin Boy reprints in the back, so I can't be too hard on it...

Now to talk about a few new fun continunity things this story establishes:

1) Uncle Herman is uncle to both Bingo and Jughead on their mothers' sides.  So Herman, Wilma Wilkin (Bingo's mom) and Mrs. Jones (Jughead's mom, whose first name I don't remember) are siblings (Herman is the oldest, which is obvious when you look at him, but is also confirmed in the dialog), and Bingo & Jughead are first cousins.  Herman's last name (which would also be Wilma & Mrs. Jones's maiden name) is not given in the story.

2) Bingo's real name is Woodrow Wilkin III.  (I don't actually know if this is new or not.)  That would imply that his father Willie Wilkin is really named Woodrow Wilkin Jr., but it's not absolute proof as Bingo could be named after another relative.

3) Jughead's real name is given (by Herman) as Forsythe P. Jones III.  I have never seen the "III" attached to it before.  Is this new, a mistake, or a little joke by Herman?

So, does this all fit with what has gone before?  Well, I am far from an expert on That Wilkin Boy, but one of the old reprinted stories in this very issue gives Herman's  full name as Herman "Scooter" Wilkin, meaning that back in the 70's Herman was supposed to be Willie's brother, not Wilma's.  Oops!

NOTE: If any of you are confused by all my references to the That Wilkin Boy cast, I would be glad to explain.  Just ask!
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