ShadZ (shadzane) wrote,

New Comics Wednesday

Here's the new comics I got yesterday:

52 Week Fifty-Two
-- OK, that's a wrap. The time-travel story is concluded with a big bang (or should I say 51 big bangs?), and it is all mostly satisfying. There's still some unanswered questions, but some of those are being left on purpose to be answered in Countdown and elsewhere...

Justice League Unlimited #33 -- A super-hero Freaky Friday.

Also, I did something I haven't done in a long time and picked up an action figure on the first day it's out (and paid full price).  Rash, but I just had to have an Isis!

This week's cheap back issue:
Josie #43 (September 1969) -- Looks like #41 must have been the last Clyde Didit appearance, as Alan M. appears here as someone we should already know (so he must have been introduced in #42, which I don't have).

This issue introduces several new concepts that stick around for a while, and one that doesn't. The successful ideas include Alexandra's cat Sebastian and the white streak in Alexandra's hair (which they treat like it has always been there).  (Also, it looks like Alexander got the sunglasses he wore thruout the seventies in this issue.) 

The unsuccessful idea is Alexandra's unreliable magical powers -- it turns out that one of the Cabot ancestors was a witch, and Alexandra has inherited his powers (signified by the white streak in her hair).  But the powers only work when she is holding Sebastian (who is apparently the reincarnation of the witch Sebastien Cabot), and even then they never do what she wants.  A lot of comics fans remember Alexandra's magic powers, and I'm not really sure why because they don't last very long -- it may be because this story was reprinted in the digests fairly often...  (Also, they did try to bring the powers back a few times in the seventies.)

The cartoon show was just a year away, so I imagine all the new characters and situations were being tried to see if they would work in the show (but without anyone telling Dan DeCarlo, which always seemed a shitty thing to do).  Valerie and the Pussycats concept are just two issues away in #45...
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