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Starfest news

Starfest was fun this year. We only went Saturday, and spent most of the day in Main Events because we wanted to make sure we had seats for Nimoy. I didn't even buy anything in the dealer's room (but I did buy a book in the Horrorfest dealer's room)...

One of my favorite thing at Starfest is finding out about all the new sf movies and TV shows coming up. Nowadays that information is available on the Internet, but I still like getting it from a live person at a convention panel. I won't bore you with most of what was said because it is all available elsewhere, but here's a couple of things:

My favorite weird casting news: Christina Ricci will play Trixie in the upcoming Speed Racer movie (from the Wachowski brothers).

The most WTF news: A live action Alvin and the Chipmunks will be out this Christmas. I know, there have been many of these types of movies over the years (Garfield, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Casper, etc.), but this one just floors me. Will the chipmunks look like 3D versions of the 1960's cartoons? The 1980's cartoons? Realistic three-foot high chipmunks? None of those sound good...

Maybe they'll look like this:
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