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New Comics Wednesday

Lots of stuff today. I forgot World War III was this week...

52 Week Fifty -- Everyone against Black Adam, and I guess it's not a spoiler to reveal that Black Adam is finally stopped.  But how he is stopped is clever, and we get to see more of the Great Ten and Infinity Inc...

52/WW III Part One: A Call to Arms #1 -- This miniseries has two goals -- to expand on the battle against Black Adam as seen above, and to explain what happened to various superheroes in the "52 year".  (That second part was supposed to happen in 52 itself, but it ran out of room.)  So it's not great storytelling... it is disjointed and packed full of crap that doesn't really fit the main plot.  However, the part that's actually about WW III is good (if a little hard on Teen Titans), and we get to see another view of the ending of 52 Week Fifty to discover there was more to Black Adam's defeat...

52/WW III Part Two: The Valiant #1

52/WW III Part Three: Hell Is for Heroes #1

52/WW III Part Four: Untied We Stand #1

The Brave and the Bold #3 -- More extremely well-drawn super-hero fun, with Batman and Blue Beetle against the Lord of Time and the Fatal Five.  Don't miss the last page!

Justice League of America #8 -- I know, I was done with the JLA, but this issue starts a JLA/JSA crossover, guest-starring the Legion of Super-Heroes!  How could I miss that?

This week's cheap back issue:
Josie #41 (June 1969) -- Yes, more Clyde Didit-era Josie. Haven't read it yet... (And I forgot to tell you last week that I got Josie #40)

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