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Meet the Robinsons

Friday night after I got home from Blades of Glory, Beth and I went to see Meet the Robinsons in 3D.  First, the 3D was excellent. While any CGI movie can be turned into 3D fairly easily, MTR went to the trouble of actually having a "depth director" to work with the rest of the crew from the beginning to make sure the film would look good in 3D, and it worked.

Well, how was the rest of the movie? While not as good as a typical Pixar film, it was much better than Chicken Little. It actually has some heart, instead of being a hollow procession of jokes -- and what jokes it did have were usually good. The time travel plot wasn't nearly as twisty as the writers thought it was (but maybe they kept it simple for the kids), and the weirdo members of the future Robinson family weren't quite as lovable as they were supposed to be either, but I do recommend it, especially in 3D.

Here's something weird I noticed -- one of the minor characters seemed very familiar, like I'd seen him somewhere before.  I'm talking about Mr. Willerstein, Lewis's science teacher. Every time he was on screen, I got that feeling you get when you recognize a character actor and it bugs you because you don't know where you know him from. While leaving, I realized where he is from -- he's almost identical to Wally, the mousy gay neighbor from the the 1999 animated sitcom Mission Hill!

So when I get home, I try to look it up on the Internet and see if this is something truely done on purpose. Here is what I find:
  1. The characters look very similar, but not exactly the same. You can compare Mr. Willerstein (on the right; sorry the picture is so big) to Wally (scroll down a little) yourself if you want.
  2. The character sound exactly the same. They are both voiced by Tom "SpongeBob" Kenny, and it the same voice.

My guess is someone on the movie (director? character designer?) also worked on Mission Hill and decided this would be a funny cameo. I guess it could be coincidence too...

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